Los Angeles Design Stays to Visit in 2024

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Los Angeles is celebrated for its vibrant design scene, which fuses myriad influences – from old Hollywood glamour to Desert Modernism – and is home to a notable collection of design stays and boutique hotels. In this roundup, we explore four distinctive destinations, from an elevated motel in Silver Lake to a tranquil surf retreat in Malibu, uncovering the design philosophies behind each.

In the vibrant eastside neighbourhood of Silver Lake, hotel group Palisociety and development firm Timberlane Partners teamed up with LA-based design studio Electric Bowery to create the Silver Lake Pool & Inn. Originally built as a motel in the late 1980s, the boutique hotel comprises 54 guest rooms, a signature restaurant called ‘Marco Polo,’ an elevated pool deck and distinctive motel-like characteristics. The neighbourhood is a creative hub, with various cafes, art galleries and music venues gracing its bustling streets.

Electric Bowery drew inspiration from a variety of eclectic sources and eras, ranging from Mexican Modernism – reflected in the use of handmade elements, warm hues and indoor-outdoor spaces – to old Hollywood glamour – evoked through details like the vintage-inspired neon signage and custom marble and wood bar in Marco Polo. Handmade Moroccan and Italian tile-work emerge as hallmarks of the hotel’s design, manifesting in the bespoke sunset-orange poolside feature wall. Blurring the boundary between inside and out, cacti-planted courtyards create intimate oases that echo California’s desert landscapes – a nod to the hotel’s natural surroundings.