Timberlane Partners

An Institutional
Approach to Real Estate

An Institutional
Approach to
Real Estate

The Timberlane Difference

Thoughtful Investing

A Nimble, Flexible Approach

Timberlane has built a track record of forward-looking investing, leveraging markets as they evolve. This has allowed us to deliver strong returns across a variety of economic climates, primarily through value-added strategies with multi-family and mixed-use product, but also with new construction, commercial, and hospitality.

Risk-Reward Assessment

Understanding Risk

Timberlane evaluates each deal with a keen appreciation of risk vs. reward. Our offerings range from highly stabilized cash-flowing properties to out-of-the-ground construction, and returns vary accordingly. Key to our approach is a proactive effort to explain the profile of each deal to our investors, so they can make informed choices about their exposures.

Open-Book Investing


Timberlane is not a blind-pool fund. Rather, we pursue new projects on an individual basis. This allows us to be transparent about the underwriting for each deal, which aligns with our drive to provide frequent, detailed, and realistic communication. This approach is inherently conservative, as we require true “buy-in” from our investors every time we pursue a property.

Our Portfolio


Salt Lake City, UT

Acquired Property

Description: 137 Apt. UnitsAcquired: 2019

Silver Lake Pool & Inn

Los Angeles, CA

Acquired Property

Description: HotelAcquired: 2016


Salt Lake City, UT

Acquired Property

Description: 180 Apt. UnitsAcquired: 2017

Institutional Discipline and
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Since its inception, Timberlane has grown from its initial small, multi-family investments to nearly $400MM in assets. To date, the company has originated over $900MM in real estate transactions. Our approach remains true to the spirit of our first investments – namely, accountability to our tight-knit investor group. We look at each deal with humility and a focus on institutional-grade underwriting. We pride ourselves on extensive due diligence but seek the elevated returns of a nimble investment strategy that can react to unique projects.

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